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Kadri Photo is a one-woman band who specializes in wedding, couple and family photography storytelling.


I may not know much about the technical aspects of photography and not own 624 pieces of photography gear. Instead, for me, photography always was and will be about the relationship between the client and photographer. Between you and me in the first place. It’s a teamwork.


We need to click, establish the trust and build that comfort zone between each other. As a result, I want to see you open the real colors of your relationship; from the quietest, intimate moments to the wildest and loudest states of your body and mind. In return, I will connect the dots between my vision and your love into the images that will carry your story for years to come.

Want to know more?

I got my first camera for my 16th birthday and since then we became inseparable. Photography was my hobby for years. I studied architecture in University in an old city Lviv in Ukraine. I was living in a city of history-filled architecture and my everyday life was filled with creative and fun people. Inspiration was everywhere and with everyone. It was easy to create and stay creative.


I bought my first DSLR camera when I moved to the USA in 2013. I was eager to learn how this new kind of gear works for me and how my images can change if I use it right. Since I didn’t know many people around I started to take self-portraits. To keep it consistent I begin this project called 365 and learned photoshop and Lightroom this way really fast too.


I began to post everything online and soon I got my first inquiry to photograph this really sweet young couple who had their intimate wedding celebration in a small circle of friends. I’m grateful for their trust in me and letting me document their marriage. And then I realized, there is something very special in capturing relationships and connections of any kind. 


And here I'm, eager to photograph your connection! 

Based in Boston + New England 


Available Worldwide


kadris.photos@gmail.com  I  (774) 286 - 0926